Our Story

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.




DBA Style is a company, which has been working in the field of interior design for many years.

We were born in 2003, in the heart of one of the most productive furnishing districts in Italy, but our story begins even earlier, when we decided to turn our passion for excellence into our job.

We believe details always make the difference and that the care we put in the finishing and decoration when processing our furniture is our distinctive feature. It is a tradition of handed down from the past, and this makes us proud of our Made in Italy products.
To create our furniture, we select only those materials representing excellence, from wood to textiles, from paints to decorations. That is the only way to offer a superior quality, a safe and for your home. It is a product created by Italian craftsmanship, where tradition blends with the future and the present time is combined with the continuous desire of innovation.
We do what we really like most: the best interior design productsin order to personalize your home with creativity and passion for the beauty.

We create high quality interior design and bespoke furnishings, by starting from the selection of materials and details, to exclusive productive processes – such as gold leaf – and precious details of finishing  and the refinement of the colors we use.
Like in a contemporary dressmaker’s shop, we make the custom tailoring our pride. The very same pride that drives us in the creation of a global network in order to bring our Italian interior design style all over the world.
We like to define us as “new digital artisans”. New is not because there is something different in our craftsmanship.

Our handcrafted production is always rich in traditions