Artisanship & Made in Italy

The new artisan must open up to the comparison without sacrificing

the tradition and the link with his territory.

He has to keep both a global and local perspective,

opening up channels of dialogue between cultures,

different languages​​, different types of knowledge.

Stefano Micelli


kjyf12142089947_9202035633128384573_nThere is one thing that has defined Made in Italy as a leader in the world of furniture: culture.

It is the local culture linked to territories, traditions and to the craft knowledge that permeates our DBA Style products. It is the very same culture that has in itself an intangible value – probably difficult to explain through words – but that has made the Italian handmade style renowned all over the world.

From design and fashion to food and wine, there is a sort of creative twist that gives Made in Italy products an added value. Made in Italy means knowledge handed down through generations, bringing to the world a human and cultural value made of tradition, creativity and quality.

It is not a coincidence that the Italian craftsmanship is among the most imitated in the world. It includes refined techniques, passion for materials, but also vision of the future in order to make the talent of the hand-crafted tradition always moving through time.

That is why Italian-style crafts and furniture also mean stories. Stories of dreams and ambitions, stories of products made of real Italian DNA.

Those are our DBA Style stories.