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Why Italian products are the most desired and imitated ones in the world? We believe it is because of the lifestyle and home living experience people can sense through them.

Copying a product is not enough to get real Italian furniture, because it is made not only of tangible materials, such as wood, but it needsto reflect the passion and the ancient wisdom handed down by our craftsmen over time.

We are able to offer furniture lines for the real estate and for the hospitality world, in order to create different types of environments, which can suit different tastes. It is a mix of classic and contemporary style, as well aspreciously decorated new collections, to make your furnished spaces even more special, from the living area to the bedroom one. For a timeless elegance permeating your apartments.



The Italian life style, both classic and contemporary, is synonym of elegance, high quality and creativity across the world. It means excellence in details for spaces that are rich in character, thanks to products handcrafted by real Italian artisans.

DBA Style fulfills interior design projects for real estates, giving your spaces the added value of the Italian home living style.

The real, authentic Made in Italy is not just a commodity to be copied. It is a lifestyle concept, a unique experience of home living.

Choose DBA Style as partner for your business.

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