Gold Leaf

The beauty tempts thieves more than gold

William Shakespeare

 From passion for the beauty, Golden Dream, a new line of home living design, comes to life.Furniture embellished with a thin gold leaf applied to the surface of the wood, and this application technique is used to show the artisan’s knowledge and skills.Gold has always been considered a symbol for human beings. Symbol of eternity, in ancient Egypt it was believed to come from the gods and the rooms of the pharaohs were completely covered of it.However, in Roman times, its flexibility was emphasized and Pliny the Elder wrote that it was possible to get 750 thin layers of gold from a single ounce of gold.The relationship between the Far East and the precious material has roots in the past. Since ancient times, the gold leaf was used to decorate religious statues. In India, there are still entire villages exclusively devoted to the activity of tapping gold, which is believed to be sacred.In the heart of the Italian Renaissance, in Florence, there were several workshops dedicated to the transformation of gold in thin layers. At the end of the fifteenth century, even the great Leonardo da Vinci, was engaged in designing an extremely innovative machine, capable of reducing the thickness of a sheet of gold from 500 to 30 microns.The transformation techniques of gold into thin sheets have come down to the present days and they embellish the DBA Style furnishings through the skilled hands of our artisans.DBA Style gives your house character and endless style.  source: